Suzanne Rice
Special Education Teacher

Courses Taught:

K-5 Math and Reading

Suzanne Rice

This (2020-2021) is Suzanne Rice's 9th year at Whitesburg Elementary and her 16th year in Carroll County as a Special Ed. teacher. She began college at Augusta State University in Augusta, GA and graduated from Jacksonville State University in Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Ms. Rice later graduated from University of West Georgia with a Master's degree in Special Education. This is her 17th year teaching full time, and she also substituted for over two years. Between teaching and substituting, Ms. Rice has taught every grade from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Ms. Rice loves history, especially the medieval and Victorian periods, castles, and reading biographies. She enjoys gardening, learning about nutrition, jigsaw puzzles, crafts including crocheting and pottery, and collecting sand castles figurines.