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Suzanne Rice Staff Photo

I began college at Augusta State University in Augusta, GA and transferred to Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL where I graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree. I later went to the State University of West Georgia where I received a Masters of Special Education degree.


This is my fifth year teaching at Whitesburg Elementary. I taught seven years at Villa Rica Middle as a Special Education teacher teaching every subject and 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. I have taught every grade from kindergarten through eighth grade. I also substituted for two years (Pre-K thru 8th grade) in Haralson county while I worked on my Master's degree. 


I am originally from Florida and lived about 15 miles from Kennedy Space Center. I lived close enough that I often would stand in the front yard, or outside at school, and watch the space shuttles as they disappeared up into space. I still remember standing outside the cafeteria watching the Challenger space shuttle explode. (My first year of teaching (kindergarten), the Columbia space shuttle exploded.) I then moved to South Carolina for one year before moving to Georgia where I have lived since 1989. I have lived in West Georgia since 1999.

Probably my favorite hobby is reading. I am addicted to my Kindle! :) Before getting my Kindle, I read mostly nonfiction, particularly history and biographies. I love to learn about ancient cultures especially the ancient Egyptians and Romans. I enjoy reading about the middle ages, and I am really interested in reading about the British royal family through the centuries. Now that I have my Kindle, I read some contemporary fiction, but mostly historical fiction. I especially enjoy books in the Regency period, Middle Ages, and with Vikings.

When I can tear myself away from my Kindle, I also enjoy crocheting, doing jigsaw puzzles, and researching my genealogy. There are several places I would love to travel to--Germany, Scotland, and parts of Canada. I have gotten to travel to Alaska and England, which are two places I wanted to travel to. Maybe someday!